The team

Gaël Co-founder

Gaël made his first hot-air balloon flight at the age of 4. His passion for hot-air ballooning never left him! At the age of 17, he obtained his pilot’s license and became a professional pilot in 1994. In 2011, he co-founded BALLONS du LEMAN with Fabien. Gaël has logged more than 1,600 hours in a hot-air balloon, as well as 14,000 hours in an airliner.

Laure Pilot / Project Manager

Daughter of pilots, 2nd best female pilot in the world, member of the French team, Laure has been immersed in the world of aerostation from an early age. Awarded her licence at the age of 18, Laure has since flown on several continents and worked for various operators in France and Austria. A seasoned project manager thanks to her professional experience in the field of healthcare and disability, Laure puts her skills to good use in the company’s development.

Paul-Henry Pilot

Paul-Henry, a.k.a. Polo, comes from a family with a passion for aviation. His father was also a pilot and passed on the virus to him. An instructor pilot, he took part in his first Gordon Bennett gas balloon race in 2021. Polo also flies airships and eco-balloons.

Laurynas Pilot

Born when hot-air balloons first appeared in Lithuania, balloons are an integral part of Laurynas’ life. A pilot from the age of 16, he has flown over many countries and continents. He is also an instructor, examiner, technician, gas balloon pilot, national champion and European vice-champion. This enthusiast will make you live exceptional moments!

Susy Admin / Commercial

A world explorer, driven by her passion for foreign languages. With an extensive degree in this field, she has gained a unique perspective throughout her 10 years of exceptional customer service experience. From sunny cruises in the Caribbean to picturesque ski resorts in Australia as an instructor, via her native Italy, she has honed her language skills by practicing the five languages she speaks. As a member of the office team, she is committed to putting your experience at the heart of her concerns. Responsible for guaranteeing product conformity, it plays a key role in quality and customer satisfaction.

Celia Admin / Commercial

Célia supports the administrative team with her professionalism and experience. She will guide you and make your dream flight a reality.

Emily Crew / IT / Admin

Emily has been through it all and can put her innumerable skills to good use wherever they’re needed.

Fabien Pilot

Fabien discovered hot-air ballooning during his engineering studies in 1999. He soon caught the ballooning bug. He takes part in a number of competitions, and in 2006 won 3rd place in the Swiss hot-air balloon championships. He has accumulated several hundred hours of mountain flying experience. A Ballons du Léman initiator with Gaël, he currently flies from time to time in his spare time.

Olivier Pilot / Web Manager

After several years of racing as a crew member, Olivier took the plunge and passed his pilot’s license. Now he’s going to enjoy showing you why he made the leap! He also uses his knowledge of IT to improve your entire customer experience.

Les équipiers

A formidable team on the ground, made up mainly of students from EPFL or EHL, but also of young employees, who put all their skills and know-how to work to ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable time in our company. We have around forty crew members to ensure your complete satisfaction.