Show off the colors of your company by personalising the balloon

The hot-air balloon is in line with the values ​​of sustainable development, teamwork, mastery and panoramic perspectives. It is an ambassador for many companies.

We offer 3 types of services:

  • The advertising flight
  • The promotional event
  • The public relations flight

In order to promote the image of your company, we offer solutions that fit into your communication and marketing strategy. Feel free to submit your project, we will provide our knowledge and experience to give you a personalised offer that match with the philosophy of your company.


BALLONS du LEMAN is a company approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation for the transport of passengers and aerial work. We operate under the number: CH-BAL BB 8036.

We reach all regulations and security standards. Our own restrictions are often higher than the laws.

Our pilots know very well the region and have continuous training to guarantee the greatest possible level of security. Our equipment is regularly inspected by an independent professional company.
We have one of the most modern fleets in Switzerland.

All our passengers receive a complete briefing before boarding our balloons.

In addition, we make available to companies, our certificates of insurance. Our guarantees go well beyond the required minimum coverage.