Why choose us ?

Our values, your guarantees.

Our 5 fundamental pillars are our guidelines and represent our core values.
Our professional and passionate crew makes all the difference!

Our 5 fundamental pillars are our guidelines and represent our core values.


This is our priority. We prefer to cancel a flight if we believe that all security conditions are not met.


It’s our reason to fly and exist. It drives us and pushes us to excel on all our flights so that you can enjoy every moment with us.


You cannot make that up! Each flight is different and each passenger unique. The experience of a hot-air balloon flight is rare, and we want you to have an unforgettable memory of it. We pay attention to every detail, from our first contact.


An essential quality. Our crew members make sure that you get the most out of this experience. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your special desires or wishes, we will personalise your flight.


Today, it seems essential to us to integrate into an environmentally friendly program, as our activity uses a fossil energy (gas). That is why BALLONS du LEMAN adopts an eco-responsible approach in its activity. To know more about it, follow this link


Accessibility to all aboard our baskets is a commitment that is dear to us. We listen to each of your needs to make this experience possible. To know more about it, follow this link

And if you are still not convinced, here are some of our strenghts.

Professional, experienced and passionate pilots

They have done thousands of hours of flights. As professionals they are regularly controlled. They will be happy to share some nice stories with you…

One of the youngest balloon fleets in Switzerland

All our balloons are relatively new and technically advanced. Our equipment is continuously checked by an independent accredited company. Did you know? Some of our baskets are equipped with doors to facilitate passenger boarding and disembarkation. We also have a basket that is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Our accreditations speak for us

Our flying region has been elected one of the 10 most beautiful ballooning regions in the world by the holidaymaker’s company (TripAdvisor). BALLONS du LEMAN received the first prize of the operators by this same company.

Exclusive and diversified take-off sites

We take off from everywhere in the French-Speaking part of Switzerland to offer a wide range of landscape to our customers. We can take off wherever you want for your events. We choose the most beautiful sites to amaze you!

The most competitive rates on the market

You can compare, our services certainly offer the best quality/quantity/price ratio.

Our passengers are the best ambassadors of Ballons du Leman

Our customers, individuals and professionals, are our best advertising medium: their opinions are very positive (see reviews).

In (almost) every language

We welcome you in more than 10 languages! These include : French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Arabic, Catalan, etc.

Always there for you

Our office is open 7/7 from May to October. We are open on weekdays and Saturdays during the rest of the year.

Worldwide exclusivity

BALLONS du LEMAN offers you a varied choice of flight themes. Some of our flights are world exclusivities!

We fly all year round

We fly all year round, in every season!

A great team

We are lucky to work with a great team… young, dynamic, diverse, cosmopolitan, smiling, friendly… and much more!

A renowned company

BALLONS du LEMAN is approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation for passenger transport.